Humanistic net courses in Finland

Data protection description

1. Controller

University of Turku

Historian, kulttuurin ja taiteiden tutkimuksen laitos

Kaivokatu 12


2. Contact person for register queries

Tapio Onnela;

3. Name of register

Humanistic net courses in Finland database

4. The purpose of use of the register

The information stored in the Humanistic net courses in Finland database will be utilised as a source of ‘’ web page.

5. Register's data content

Contact persons: name*, e-mail address (login)*, e-mail address (contact)*

Teachers: name*, e-mail address (login)*, e-mail address (contact)*, faculties whom admining*

Enrolled students: student number*, first name*, family name*, e-mail address (login)*, e-mail address (contact)*, university, main subject, compensation, preferance, reasons to take a course

(* = required information)

6. Regular sources of information

The system administrator adds contact person and teacher information to the system. As enrolling (with HAKA) to a desired web course, the student’s information will be added to the system.

7. Regular disclosure and transfer of personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

The Humanistic net courses in Finland register content is not disclosed for third parties. The data shall not be transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

8. Data protection policy

The system is accessible solely to maintenance personnel (IT services) of University of Turku. The use of the register is protected by user-specific usernames, passwords and access rights.

9. Rights of data subjects

Registered persons has the right to access his/her records. Every data subject's has also the right to demand rectification or erasing of data or restriction on processing data. Registered persons may use their right of access to data in the file by contacting the register contact person.

10. Register data timespan and updating

Register data has been collected since the year 2005.

11. Public and confidential data

All the data concerning contact persons and teachers are public. Information about enrolled students is limited to the persons having a permission to login to the system (administrator and teachers).