Valtakunnallisen humanistisen verkko-opetuksen tarjoamat verkkokurssit

Perspectives on the Nordic Countries in the Middle Ages

The Nordic countries were in many aspects connected with rest of Europe, but also had many original characteristics, which deserve a closer examination. In this course students will take a look on various phenomena of the Nordic countries in the Middle Ages e.g., crusading ideology and crusades in the north, urbanisation and state formation, cults of saints and traditions of vernacular literature. These themes will give the students good grounds to build a comprehension of the interplay of centre and periphery in the Middle Ages. The designers of the course are participants of activities within the project Nordic Centre for Medieval Studies.

Mode of teaching

Internet based teaching platform Moodle

Target group

Third year students or Master’s degree students


Joonas Ahola (University of Helsinki), Ingvil Budal (University of Bergen), Janus Møller Jensen (University of Southern Denmark, Odense), Erika Harlitz (University of Gothenburg), Sara Ellis Nilsson (University of Gothenburg), Miikka Tamminen (University of Tampere), Pekka Tolonen (University of Turku).


Nordisk virtuellt nätverk for historia, Finnish Virtual University of History, The Nordic Centre for Medieval Studies