Valtakunnallisen humanistisen verkko-opetuksen tarjoamat verkkokurssit

The History of Consumption

The course serves as an introduction to studies on consumption in a historical perspective. We will study consumer goods like coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, silk and porcelain, goods that all became extremely popular during the early modern era. Subjects discussed during the course include the use of advertisements, differences between men and women as consumers and the relationship between luxuries and necessities.

The aims of the course are:
* to gain knowledge of the changes in consumption patterns in early modern Europe.
* to explore different types of consumer goods and the importance given to them.
* to understand the relationship between consumption and identity.
* to gain knowledge of useful sources available online for historians interested in consumption in a historical perspective

Mode of teaching

E-learning course in Moodle platform.


Anna Sundelin


Historieämnet vid Åbo Akademi