Valtakunnallisen humanistisen verkko-opetuksen tarjoamat verkkokurssit

Nordic Identities in History

The aim of the course is to discuss the national identities in Nordic countries. Are the Nordic identities somehow different from the European identities? How the Nordic identities were and are built? Is there a common factor for the separate Nordic identities? Is there a common Nordic identity? The focus of the course will be in the Swedish and Finnish cases. The course is produced as part of Nordic cooperation and the tutors and students will be from different Nordic countries. Students who have done the course European Identities are not recommended to take this course.

Mode of teaching

The course will be conducted in the Internet-based learning platform Moodle in international groups.

Assignments and presentations: Workshop, on-line forum discussions, analyses of primary-source material and course readings.

Students are required to have access to the Internet and possess elementary computer skills. They must be able to communicate in English, in writing. There is also possibility to use Swedish and Finnish sources but the communication language is English.


Sofia Ling, Akseli Salmi, Tapio Onnela


Nordisk virtuellt nätverk för historia