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Music Videos: Ontology, Analysis and Outreach

This course provides a comprehensive overview of music videos, their functions, meanings, place in popular music, aesthetics, and technological aspects. From early music videos to recent forms of music video aesthetics in films and Youtube formats, the course will explore music videos from questions of technology and production to cultural readings of music videos.
Students will gain a wide understanding of the analytical tools needed for critically analyzing music videos as audiovisual works, andof the history and relevance of music videos in popular culture. The course will expand their understanding of music video aesthetics also in relation to other audiovisual genres. Students will learn to critically analyze music videos from technical, but also from cultural, social and political viewpoints, and to make us of course materials in their own idependent own research.

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FT Anna-Elena Pääkkölä

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Valtakunnallinen humanistinen verkko-opetus